Lili Dong 

  Associate Professor

Doctor of Engineering (DOE):

1. Jianping Guo, graduated in Aug. 2015, dissertation title: Sliding Mode Based Load Frequency Control for an Interconnected Power System with Nonlinearities”, Department of EECS, College of Engineering, CSU.

Master of Electrical Engineering (MSEE):

1. Yang Zhao, graduated in Aug. 2013, thesis title: Applications of Sliding Mode Controller and Active Disturbance Rejection Controller to a PMSM Speed System, Department of ECE, CSU.

2. Chintan Trivedi, graduated in May 2011, thesis title: Implementation of an Advanced Controller on an ECP Torsion Mechanism, Department of ECE, CSU.

3. Kai Zhang, graduated in Dec. 2010, thesis title: Sensing and Control of MEMS Accelerometers Using Kalman Filter, Department of ECE, CSU.

4. Prasanth Babu Kandula, graduated in Aug. 2010, thesis title: Dynamics and Control of an Electric Power Assist Steering System, Department of ECE, CSU.

5. Silu You, graduated in May 2010, thesis title: Adaptive Back-stepping Control of Active Magnetic Bearings, Department of ECE, CSU.

6. Yao Zhang, graduated in Aug. 2009, thesis title: Load Frequency Control of Multiple-area Power Systems, Department of ECE, CSU.

7. Jason Edwards, graduated in May, 2009, thesis title: Modeling and Feedback Control of a MEMS Electrostatic Actuator, Department of ECE, CSU.

8. David Avanesian, graduated in Dec.2007, thesis title: Hardware Implementation of Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Vibrational Beam Gyroscope, Department of ECE, CSU.

9. Anusha Yerroju, graduated in Aug. 2007, thesis title: Development of a PLC Algorithm for a Beverage Routing Control Application, Department of ECE, CSU.

10. Rick Rarick, graduated in Aug. 2007, thesis title: An H-infinite Control of Self-sensing Magnetic Bearing, Department of ECE, CSU.

11. Dragos Dinca, graduated in Dec. 2006, thesis title: Satellite Momentum Wheel Speed Control with Dry Rolling Friction Compensation, Department of ECE, CSU.

12. Baixi Su-Alexander, graduated in Aug. 2006, thesis title: Dynamics and Control of Active Magnetic Bearings for Flywheel Energy Storage, Department of ECE, CSU.


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