EEC 623/723 Software Quality Assurance

Syllabus (Spring 2010)

Instructor:Yongjian Fu Office: SH 432 Phone: 216-687-5518 Email :
Prerequisites: EEC 521 Credit Hours: 4
Classes : Online at Blackboard Office Hours: MW 1:30-3:30
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This course introduces concepts, metrics, and models in software quality assurance. The course covers components of software quality assurance systems before, during, and after software development. It presents a framework for software quality assurance and discuss individual components in the framework such as planning, reviews, testing, configuration management, and so on. It also discusses metrics and models for software quality as a product, in process, and in maintenance. The course will include case studies and hands on experiences. Students will develop an understanding of software quality and approaches to assure software quality .

Required Textbook:

Other Materials:


Course Topics:





1 Background

Galin, Ch. 1, 2

2 Software quality factors

Galin, Ch. 3

3 Components of SQA

Galin, Ch. 4

4 Pre-project components

Galin, Ch. 5, 6

5 Defect removal effectiveness

Galin, Ch. 7, Kan, Ch. 6

6 Reviews Galin, Ch. 8  
7 Testing

Galin, Ch. 9, 10

8 Maintenance and external participants

Galin, Ch. 11, 12

9 Configuration management

Galin, Ch. 18

Lab 2
10 Standards

Galin, Ch. 23, 24

11 Software quality metrics Galin, Ch. 21, Kan, Ch. 4  
12 Cost of software quality

Galin, Ch. 22

13 Software reliability models Kan, Ch. 7, 8 Lab 3
14 In-process quality metrics and models Kan, Ch. 9-10  
15 Future of SQA
Galin, Epilogy
16 Final Exam

Note: the schedule and topics are subject to change. The dates for homework and labs are tentative and for guidance only.

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