MONDAY, JULY 17, 2000  

Activities of the Day

Today we all spent at our individual internships . Jesse Styles went back to the City Secretary’s office, Lottie Renfro visited local senior citizens at a home for the aged, Sara Corrigan visited a multi-media production facility, and others returned to the agencies they worked with last week. In the evening we all met up in Trivandrum for a discussion with the Director of the Kerala tourism office. While there we viewed the most recent version of the interactive CD-ROM entitled Kerala: The Green Symphony. We also got to look at our horoscopes that we received from the local astrologer. Afterwards we returned for a quiet evening of study and reflection at Loyola.

Welcome to photo session

1. Girisa A Reese with CEO of Invis Multimedia 

2. CSU team at Invis Multimedia.

3. Girisa A Reese with Loyola Provincial

4. Loyola Provincial with the CSU Group.

5. Lottie Renfro at the Field Agency Office.

6.Lottie Renfro with staff and members of Field Agency

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