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EEC 644/744, Optimal Control Systems


There are many ways to design a control system. Adaptive control is a way of allowing a control system to adjust to changes in the system that is being controlled. Fuzzy and neural control allow a designer to control a system without having a mathematical model of the system. Robust Control is a frequency-domain method of designing a control system that is insensitive to variations in the plant model or noise.


Optimal control is a time-domain method based on state space models, and was first developed in the 1950s. It has seen a lot of successful applications, especially in aerospace. Given a system and reference signal that we want the system output to track, what controller will minimize the error between the system output and the reference signal, while also minimizing the control effort?


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Here are some sample MATLAB programs. Check back for updates during the course.


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This course uses MATLAB a lot and Maple less frequently. You can find more information about MATLAB and Maple from the links below.


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