Welcome to the Sun Research Group

The research area of the Sun Research Group is in Bio-Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The main research interests are developing practical approaches for cell surface mimicry, analysis and re-engineering, with the specific objective for glycoproteomics, and pathogen and biomarker identification, novel antiviral and antithrombotic agent development, targeted drug delivery, and cell-based therapy applications. The main research projects are in the following:

Research Projects:

  • I. Functional macro-glycoligand engineering for proteomics, pathogen and biomarker identification, antiviral drug development, immunomodulation and targeted drug delivery applications:
  • II. Biomimetic synthesis of native anticoagulant biomolecules for compensation of their loss in the pathological site as an on-demand therapeutic strategy:
  • III. Profiling and modulating cell surface glycosylation patten and cell function:



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