Welcome to Sun Research Group

The long term goal of our research program is to contribute to biomedical science and technology through basic research. Specifically, we are applying organic, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry and chemical biology knowledge and approaches to pharmaceutical and biomedical research. The main research interests are in the following three areas:

Research Interests

  • Functional glyco-affinity ligand engineering: for proteomics and glycomics, pathogen and biomarker identification, antiviral drug and targeted drug delivery application. More info:
  • ┬áBiological and cellular chemistry: To explore vascular pathological and surgical interventional sites-local/targeted antithrombotics. More info:
  • ┬áBiological and cellular chemistry: To develop site-specific/chemo- and bio-orthogonal and live cell compatible approaches for biomolecules, biomaterials and cell modification and functionalization. More info:

We would like to hear from you

Do you have any questions about our projects or our laboratory in general? Do you have any comments or ideas you would like to share with us? Please feel free to send us a message. We love to hear from other scientists and CSU visitors and get their opinions! We are always looking for great new ideas to add to our site. So if you have a project you would like to share with others, let us know!