CIS 632/ EEC 687 - Mobile Computing (Fall 2016)


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Course Information

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        Aug 29 (M) Overview of Mobile computing

        Aug 31 (W)

o   MC platform #1: Indoor localization

o   MC platform #2: BioRadio

  Test lab guideline and files: BioCaptureUser GuideEMGECG

o   MC platform #3: Smart PC Debian noroot, Andromium, Superbook, Helios

        Sep 5 (M) No class (Labor Day)

        Sep 7 (W)

o   MC platform #4: USRP/GNU Radio

  Test lab noteLab procedure

o   MC platform #5: Ns-2 network simulator

        Sep 12 (M) Mobile communication

o   Reference: Overview of DSSS

        Sep 14 (W) Outdoor localization (GPS) (revised 9/15/16)

o   Reference1: GPS spoofing

o   Reference2: GPS and Drone

        Sep 19 (M) Indoor localization (revised 9/15/16)

        Sep 21 (W) Mobile security

        Sep 26 (M) Project progress report (Group A, 20+ minutes, 5+ pages report)

o   Varil Patel and Dharin Patel: Indoor localization

o   Gargey Dholariya and Sonali Patel: Google VR Cardboard

o   Bhaumil Patel and Steve Jordan: USRP/GNU Radio

o   Naveen Baskaran, Haris Chokkalingam, and Santosh Tankala: Smart PC

        Sep 28 (W) Project progress report (Group B, 20+ minutes, 5+ pages report)

o   Yash Joshi and Divyesh Parekh: Ns-2 network simulator

o   Qing Wu and Himanshu Sharma: BioRadio

o   Arpit Patel and Jaimal Bhairavia: Google VR Cardboard

o   Raag Kharadi and Harshil Mehta: USRP/GNU Radio

o   Sruthi Kadaveru and Subhasree Neela: Smart PC

        Oct 3 (M) Mobile security

        Oct 5 (W) Wireless PHY and LINK layers

        Oct 10 (M) Wireless PHY and LINK layers

        Oct 12 (W) Project progress report (Group A & B, 10+ minutes, 5+ pages report)

        Oct 17 (M) No class (ABET team visit)

        Oct 19 (W) Low power design

        Oct 24 (M) Midterm presentations (Group A, 20+ minutes, 10+ pages report, +15 slides)

        Oct 26 (W) Midterm presentations (Group B, 20+ minutes, 10+ pages report, +15 slides)


Lectures (to be scheduled)

        Mobile wireless propagation, Physical & link layers

        Mobile security

        Low power design

        Wifi and WLAN & Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET)

        Bluetooth and Personal area networks (PAN)

        Wireless sensor networks (WSN) and Body area networks (BAN)

        GPS & Indoor localization



        Homework #1: Write 1-page report on the following paper. (The same formatting rule applies.) Due: Before class on Sep 7 (W): M. Weiser, Some Computer Science Issues in Ubiquitous Computing, CACM, July 1993. (

        Homework #2: Write 1-page report on the following paper. (The same formatting rule applies.) Due: Before class on Sep 19 (M): N. Vallina-Rodriguez, J. Crowcroft, A. Finamore, Y. Gruneberge, and K. Papagiannaki, When assistance becomes dependence: characterizing the costs and inefficiencies of A-GPS, ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review, 2013, 17(4): 3-14. (REFERENCE: J. Liu, B. Priyantha, T. Hart, H.S. Ramos, A.F Loureiro and Q.Wang, Energy efficient GPS sensing with cloud offloading, in ACM SenSys, 2012, pp. 85-98.

        Homework #3: Write 1-page report on the following paper. (The same formatting rule applies.) Due: Before class on Sep 28 (W): A. Cerpa, et al., "Habitat monitoring: Application driver for wireless communications technology," SIGCOMM Workshop on Data Communication in Latin America and the Caribbean, 2001.

        Homework #4: Write 1-page report on the following paper. (The same formatting rule applies.) Due: Before class on Oct 17 (M): M. Weiser, B. Welch, A. Demers, and S. Shenker, "Scheduling for Reduced CPU Energy," SOSDI, pp 13-23, Nov. 1994.



Readings for future homework

1.       J. Hill, et al., System Architecture Directions for Networked SensorsASPLOS-IX, 2000.

2.       A. Bar-Noy, I. Kessler, M. Sidi, Mobile Users: To Update or not to Update ?

3.       David B. Johnson, David A. Maltz, Dynamic source routing in ad hoc wireless networks, Mobile Computing, editor T. Imielinski and Hank Korth, Kluwer, 1996.

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         MSR RADAR research page 

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         Urban Computing with Taxicabs Yu Zheng1 , Yanchi Liu1,2, Jing Yuan1 , Xing Xie, UbiComp'11 (

Previous class projects

         Dan Levtonyuk, Emanuel Papp, Xiang Li, BER Performance of DSSS Technique under Periodic Jamming - Mid-report


Example class projects


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