This pre-camp photo of Ms. Ayakawa's mother and brother in downtown Vancouver. Photographers used to set up on the street, take pictures, and offer the photos a week later for sale.  This is Midge Ayakawa's mother sitting on the porch in the Lemon Creek Internment Camp hut. There was isolation in the internment camps, and the hardships without their husbands made these camps a difficult place and time.Mrs Ayakawa is now in her 90's.



 Ms. Midege Ayawakawa's mother and neighbors sitting on the fense, photographed with a borrowed box camera.  Children getting dressed up for the photograph.

 Weather was bittercold in the winter with the snow and the wind.  Before leaving Lemon Creek, Ms. Ayakawa took these photos of neignhbood boys with a borrowed box camera.


 Rock gardens were common in Lemon Creek Internment Camp. The rock gardens have remained over 50 years later. This camp was located on farm land rented by the government from farmers. Other internment sites were located in isolated ghost towns.  The Neys camp was a prisoner of war camp on the shores of Lake Superior in Ontario. This served as a pre-release camp for some Japanese Canadian internees, a transition from Lemon Creek to Hamilton, Ontario, and freedom.