Photo collage became a way of photographing a panoramic photo of the camp. This is from the guard tower. Note the continuation of the guard tower on the left hand photo. Amache was located in the middle of southern Colorado farmland. The internees brought in irrigation and farmed vegetables and fruits never seen in this region before. There was alot of interaction with the small town people of Granada and the camp internees. A reversal, the town people were even allowed to shop in the Amache camp canteen on the weekends. The reunions here introduce the Granada High School history students to returning internees and their stories and memories. They go from school to school in Colorado to talk about this camp. They are trying to start a website. They may need help to do this.
 To remember friendships made within the camps friends exchanged photos. One unique pose to the camps is leaning against the barbed wire fense.  The trusty box camera documents this uplifted baby on a pillow. It appears that the photographer is trying to block the sun with his/her hand.