Y ou have reached the website of Professor Masumi Hayashi at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. Professor Hayashi teaches photography at Cleveland State in the Art Department, and this web site serves as an on-line gallery to show her creative research in photography. This site will ultimately display Hayashi's photography from different projects over the last 12 years, including her Prison series, E.P.A. Superfund Sites series, Post-Industrial Landscapes series, as well as other on-going projects. Read the Artist Biography for more information about Professor Hayashi. P resently, this site focuses on a body of work that deals with the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II. Hayashi's panoramic photo collages show the remnants of sites of Japanese American Internment camps during World War II, an archeological memory. Hayashi also interviewed camp survivors in different areas of the United States and Canada. She collected personal photographs taken by these camp survivors during their time at the internment camps. Together these photographs create a link between past and present. For more in depth commentary on the installation, see the gallery and museum installation Artist Statement.

Manzanar Relocation Camp, Monument, 1995, panoramic photo collage, 48"x 80".

American Concentration Camps

"Amercian Concentration Camps" is the body of panoramic photo collages that Professor Hayashi has created from her visits to all of the Japanese-American internment camp sites. You can choose to view this collection of photographs in either of two ways:

The Gallery Page will let you view all of Masumi's photographs at the same time. The download time is longer, but all of Hayashi's work can be seen at once as a large body of work.

The Map Pages locate the Japanese American internment camps on a map of the United States and orient your understanding of Hayashi's photographs in terms of the geographic and historic significance of the internment camps.

The Family Album Project

"The Family Album Project" was shown in conjunction with "American Concentration Camps" and curated by Professor Hayashi at Cleveland State University. It is a collection of personal photographs collected by camp survivors that Hayashi has interviewed over the last several years.

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Audio Interviews

An additional componant to this art installation is a compilation of audiotaped interviews with internment camp suvivors. We have used the Shockwave plug-in from Macromedia Director to stream excerpts of these interviews as you view the pieces on-line. You will need Shockwave, a plug-in for your browser, to hear the audio. You should see a simple player above. After pressing play, allow several seconds for the audio to load into your browser's memory cache before it begins playing.

The Japanese-Canadian Concentration Camps

The "Canadian Concentration Camps" page shows some of Hayashi's work from her more recent travels to Japanese-Canadian Concentration Camp sites, and gives audiences a brief historical synopsis of the Canadian Government's reaction to its own population of Japanese immigrants during WWII.

The Artist's Statement provides a more in depth explanation of the historical and theoretical foundations of this series of Masumi Hayashi's photographs. You can find out more about Masumi Hayashi by reading her Artist's Biography or check out a short version of her Resume Want to find out more about Japanese-Amercian history? Bibliography and Links put important resources regarding this subject matter at your disposal. NEW! We have just added on-line Discussion Pages. Post messages about this site and take part in the discussion. Send an e-mail to Professor Hayashi.

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PERMISSION: Internment camp statistical information is presented with the permission of the Japanese American National Museum and Brian Niiya, 1997. FUNDING SOURCES: Inlcudes an Ohio Arts Council Project Grant , and Artist Fellowship Grant , Cleveland State University faculty research grants , and a U.S. Civil Liberties Educational Fund Research grant. COPYRIGHT: No reuse of any content from this web site is permitted without written permission of the author/artist, Professor Masumi Hayashi, and the acknowlegement and notation of the web site as source material.

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