Power and Authority in Nonwestern Societies
Spring Semester 2004
Political Science227

an internet site prepared in conjunction with ANT227, HIS227 and PSC227 Power and Authority in Nonwestern Societies

Robert Charlick
Barbara Hoffman
Donald Ramos

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April 20, 2004
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Teaching Units
Power and Authority in Hausa Society

Popular Culture in Brazil

Power, Authority and Caste Among the Mande

This site was prepared by Donald Ramos (d.ramos @csuohio.edu), Robert Charlick (r.charlick@csuohio.edu) and Barbara Hoffman (b.hoffman@csuohio.edu) based on the original site prepared by Prof. Lee Makela for the use of students enrolled in ANT227, HIS 227 and PSC 227, Power and Authority in Nonwestern Societies, at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, during the Spring Semester of 2004.
It is currently being maintained by Donald Ramos. Please direct any comments to him.