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Here is our son, Alex Casimir Ball.  We call him Casey.

February 22, 2001.  Casey arrives at 1:36p.m,  6 lbs. 7 oz.and19.5 inches,

before he tinkled...
He spends a comforting moment with his proud father.. 
newborn3Who is happy to show him off! 
After he's all cleaned up 
Look at those fingernails! 

Finally, some quiet time. 


My first visitors came today!

brothers1My Grandpa Roberson holds me while my big brother,Stuart, looks on: That Stuart guy looks more interested in Grandpa than me...
Here I am with my maternal grandparents.

Time to go home! 
Look what Daddy has done to the yard!


I'm spending more time awake now.

It's just gas...gas1 Checkin' out my dad.
Napping under supervision, on my tummy.  Like my hat? 


This is my first bath in the "big" tub. 

One of my first real smiles!
Does this picture look familiar?

(click here to compare)

Here I am again with my big brother.
Cozy baby... Napping baby...


Things are so quiet 
in the early morning... 

We went to California!  Here I am on my very first airplane ride! My cousin Hannah is cool.
Here I am with my Uncle Rob, Aunt Suzanne, and Cousin Hannah (Stuart could not be bothered to be in this picture...)
Bug Attack! Nap Hey, another bug. This is like a b-movie!
Hangin' out with my bro' Daddy's wacky!

 Daddy lets me fly (but not right after a meal...)

Git yer motor runnin...

Just me.

Wrestling with Daddy
Workin' out in the gym Nice lambskin. I hope Mommy isn't taking that embarassing picture that she'll show to all my girlfriends! Lookee at what I found! They are the best toys in the whole world, and they taste good, too!

I like to stand in my Rock-it!

Here's that Stuart kid givin' me another kiss. Likin' the bungee chair! I'm hungry, let's see what Daddy's got to offer... Who is that handsome fella?

I got dressed up for my six month birthday!

Havin' fun. 
Hey, what's going on back there??? Dental Hygiene--important at any age!

Not my most photogenic moment...
Playing with my feet!
...and I'm sitting on my own!
I'm a baby with a mission!



Grandma and Grandpa Ball came to visit!

Here I am with Grammy! Hanging out with Grandpa
These folks really tire me out!
In my swing...
Hey Grammy, what's this?
I like it! I like it!
Am I a happy baby, or what?! 
spending time with Mommy...
Grandma and Grandpa Roberson came to visit, too!
Hmmm...what's in this bottle?
Here's a big "shout out" to all my friends and family! 
October Look at me! I'm standing!!!
Happy Halloween!

November Daddy calls this a rake.
He says I'll know soon what it's for...
Mommy calls this homebrew. She says it will be a while before I know what it's for!

December I'm feeding myself now! The mystery of Kilroy is solved!
Casey Claus behind bars! We went to Denver for Christmas. Here I am with Cousin Hannah!
Here is a picture of everybody! Dinner is fun!
Thank you for looking at my website. My brother, Stuart, and I have decided to start putting all of our great pictures together on one site: Ball Boys

See you there!

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