Stuart in the Third Millenium!

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Hanging out on New Year's Day


Daddy and I chase each other.


Mommy is trying to teach me how to make mouth noises          I ate this whole can of fruit with a spoon. What a skill! 

There's been a lot of commotion the past few days, and now there's this noisy little thing... They keep calling it Casey.
    Hey, where's my lap, Pap-pa?                                                                Being cute, for now....

We went to McDonald's and I played in the ballpit! 
Oooh, what a pretty box, I wonder what's inside?    Yummy!.
I can put this hat on all by myself.

Some new friends came over to play, Gwen and Andrew.  We had a good time.  These Rugrats movies are such tearjerkers...

I'm checking out the ads, looking to find replacements for stuff I've destroyed... I'm talking on the phone!  My grandparents are always wanting to chat.
Mom's been playing with my hair. Can you believe that she sent me to daycare looking like this??? 
Here I am with Grammy. 
We had a good visit.

I'm ready for work. 
Mommy and Daddy tell me not to be in such a hurry...
Daddy and I have such fun!
May On the airplane to California.   The art, and the artist.
It was really hot, so we played in the sprinkler... and on the slide Here I am with Uncle Rob. Ain't we a handsome pair?

Going back home. I was zonked out!
Do you like my hat? Working on my art.

Playing with my blocks.

In the kitchen with my brother.
Hanging out on a Saturday morning with Daddy Someone's been naughty!

 Escape of the nekkid baby (he won't get far)
  Here I am with two of my buddies. Today I'm going to the Zoo with Daddy. Casey stays home with Mommy Ride that rocking horse! Fun running on the deck!
Stuart as Atlas Earning one's keep... Playtime in my drawer.
My little brother... Playing around the pool I need a bigger tub for all my stuff!
July Hello Kitty! Hello Casey!


Let's wrestle! In trouble again...
Busy boys!  Is he a Lefty? Or a Righty? More paperwork!
I went to a birthday party!
...and played with chalk..
Three generations of Ball men,
and their "Fried Mice"
I can still go in the swing!
Daddy and I wash dishes.
Grandma and Grandpa Ball got me a trike for my birthday!
Stuart is a tricky boy
(Don't even think you're gonna taste that chicken nugget...)

Adventures of Stuart the Squirrel
Shoes, shoes, shoes!
Imagine that, I'm in trouble again.
I'm getting pretty good at this time-out stuff.
Happy Birthday to Me!  I'm TWO!
The green came from the green ketchup that Mommy gave me, not the peas.  I had a green lock of hair for a week!
Punk toddler--way cool!
Happy Halloween!
Is there a draft in here?

The day starts out on an innocent note:
That would change as I fell and cut my lip a short time later. Mom and I spent several hours at the Emergency Room getting it fixed. Here's the result... Less than a week later, the stiches are out, and it's looking pretty good!
Playin' with my little brother. He's fun, sometimes. We went to a Christmas party and missed our naps. Here's the picture that Mom & Dad took for our Christmas card. I got to visit Mommy's family for Christmas. Here we all are!.
Thank you for looking at my website. My brother, Casey, and I have decided to start putting all of our great pictures together on one site: Ball Boys
See you there!

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