SRB2K--Stuart in the year 2000...

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Celebrating the New Year

Well, I've finally decided that being on my tummy isn't all that bad.

I'm ready for bed in my sleeper after a full day of fun 

Daddy does what he can do to minimize confusion...
 He took this picture while we were playing together.  Mommy and I play, too.
In my rock-it I play, but soon it's sleepytime.

Daddy and I are both wearing lab jackets.

Look Mommy, no hands!!! 

We got a new toy!
Wait a minute, I've seen enough Food Network
to recognize mirepoix when I see it...
 Hey, I thought "Stew" was just a nickname!!!
While busy at work, I've made this great discovery--toes!

I have really grown.  This picture was taken at 4 1/2 months:  I think my leaf is bigger, too...

My Valentine to you-- 

I have now started solid foods.  This rice cereal is pretty good! 
I need lots of energy to play in my rock-it---   I like it a lot! 
Mommy has been taking pictures of me while I play on my playmat...
Daddy thinks this is fun (so do I!)
I went to visit my grandma for her 60th birthday.  I took my first airplane ride!
Here we are with Daddy's family and my cousins 
Daddy and I got all dressed up!  and spent time with my grandma...
 After a day of partying, a guy's just got to decompress 

That Daddy is a lot of fun. I wish he'd let me grab that stuff on his face!
Grandma sent some stuff--including this cool hat 
She sent enought hats for Mom and Dad, too!

I think I'm outgrowing this seat. 
This is a neat playpen, don't you think?
ready.... GO! 
Here's proof that I am not 
100% photogenic!

Well, I finally got my first cold, and it went into my chest, so I had to breathe this fog stuff on Easter Weekend.  No bunnies, no eggs, just this thing...

I think I'm getting back in to the "swing" of things!
Hmmm, what's Mommy drinking?

I'm having a lot more fun on the floor now
Daddy and I play peek-a-boo!


My mam-ma came to visit!  We made friends right away. Naptime on a Saturday afternoon News Flash!!!
My first tooth!
I like to hang out in my playpen--I'll be standing soon! Just what is this stuff that Mom's trying to feed me? This is what I'm really lookin' for!
See! I told ya I'd be standing soon! Just hanging out in my chair... and here are a couple of adorable pics of me, suitable for framing. (they're bigger than usual)
Photo 1  Photo 2
Daddy and I have a quiet time together
This teething stuff ain't all that tough.

Time to check on Mommy and Daddy's baby-proofing!
Mommy and I are enjoying the present Daddy and I got for her. and here's a better picture of the present itself
Where's Stuart? There he is! Where's Daddy? There he is!

Daddy and I are enjoying Pizza Night! Avisit with Dr. Brotzen!  Hey, this is a good lookin' guy!
How'd this happen? Gimme that camera!
Peas and Carrots!   Crashing on the couch with Daddy...

    The Family Reunion!
Waiting to board the planeMommy and I are going to Macon, Georgia! My cousin, Hannah, was glad to see me. 
We're having fun!
Hannah is pretty cool!

We're spending lots of time together...
I went swimming with my Pap-pa! A family picture 

...and then my cousin (and her family) came to my house to see me again!!!
We went to the beach  and had lots of fun! 

I'm getting to be a big boy This walking is pretty dicey!

Grandpa Ball is lots of fun.
We played Pattycake
and my favorite,
(he caught on pretty quickly)
Daddy left me alone in the den with a bag of Cheerios in my reach.  What do you expect?? 



Mommy took me to the park to play in the leaves.

No! I'm not sleepy! I don't want a nap! I just want to play with my....snxxxx

Mommy has dressed me up for her favorite holiday, Halloween. She made me look like Uncle Fester of the Addams family. No, I couldn't be Winnie the Pooh, or Tigger, or even a teletubby. I had to be Uncle Fester.


Here it is, a tooth on top! I'm enjoying Thanksgiving with two of my buddies, Logan and Jacob.  We like Mommy's pinball machine!


I have made an important discovery!  The linens drawer!  It fits me fine! 
Aren't I cute? 

 I like bathtime.  The spashing is the best! 

Pictures for the Christmas card--
Let's go to work, Daddy!
Pictures from Christmas Day.   

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