Archive of Baby Pictures (-December, 1999)

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Before the birth, Ultrasound photos:
Cletus the Fetus at 16 weeks. Cletus the Fetus at 24 weeks.
At 24 weeks, we could see that Cletus was doing well, but the gender was indeterminate; that little bugger was not very cooperative! (I think that proves it's a girl, while Gail is certain that this means it's a boy. Strange . . . . ) [NB: Gail was right: see below]

The big day arrives! September 25, 1999.
After Stuart is born, a proud father holds him.

Stuart, right after his first bath; then he's all wrapped up.

Gail and Stuart in the recovery room.  Daddy brings balloons!
        Here's Stuart in his car seat, ready to go home. 

Baby comes home.
Feed the baby (cameo by Spot, one of the cats).   Burp the baby....
Stuart and his daddy take a nap.    Stuart gets a bath.
Stuart and his first girlfriend (note what a slut she is...).

Baby with his grandparents.
Stuart being held by his maternal grandmother. and his maternal grandfather. 

...and his paternal grandmother  and grandfather. 

Stuart's first Halloween. Mom put me in this stupid outfit and dragged me around to the neighbors, then she ate the candy herself. She said something about eating it for me, but I'm not buying it--I wasn't born yesterday...

Pictures from November
Stuart plays with his Daddy,  and takes a nap. 

On Thanksgiving, Stuart is two months old.  What a big boy!
I'm usually a happy baby, but not always...

Pictures from December
I'm ready for bed. 
I play with Daddy.and sometimes get the upper hand...

Hey, check out my new jewelry!!! 

My First Christmas!!
 I got all dressed up for Christmas  and Santa came to visit

My first Christmas was a beautiful white one!

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