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We brothers decided to have one webpage,

and here it is!

Singing Christmas carols
like "Bingle Jells"!
Our family ornament  
Stuart displays his
artistic abilities
At first, I was a little dazed...
but soon got into the action...

The Jack-in-the-box was so cool!
Finally, I get to ride by myself!
Stuart's first snowman


Me, I'm innocent?!
Daddy catches Stuart!
Mommy and Daddy are eating with chopsticks, so I will too!

Future frat boy.
Casey and I are sharing crayons! 

Mam-ma and Pap-pa came to visit!
Pap-pa is a fun horsey!
Cousin Hanna is coming for a visit!
Here we are!

These clothes weren't too small before dinner...
Here's your eye!Here we are again!


We got all dressed up!

and Mommy carved a scary pumpkin
Count Stuart is a vampire,
lurking among his future victims...
and Casey is
a vampire bat!
In trouble again... I'm learning to use the potty!This is a different approach!

Casey gets a time-out
Stuart plays in a box and makes a mess.

Grammy and Grandpa visited and brought me early birthday presents. I got Play-Doh!

Stuart said, "I'm making an ice cream cone!"

and another one!

Last pool time of the summer...
Casey is a good eater!

Stuart's Birthday!
Birthday cards!
and I got presents!
I'm practicing my numbers! My writing is almost as good as Daddy's! I got a cold that went into my chest
and I had to use the nebulizer again.


Our friend, Jacob, invited us to Chuck E. Cheese for his 4th birthday party.
We had pizza and cake, and rode rides  
and got party favors!

We went to Burger King
and played in a park!
Stuart loves his Tad!
Casey doodles!
Ain't I a cutie?
We had visitors in the front yard!

We got happycakes for the 4th! Love them happycakes!
missed the fireworks...
I'm just hanging out with my bear friends.

Stuart says: Mommy and I went to a street fair! We had a great time. I loved the rides and the food, and I was a very good boy! Here's my story:
The first ride was the cars. Since it was my first time, I let someone else do the driving Once I had the hang of it, I went for a drive myself, in a sportier model. Then I drove a bus

Of all the rides, the train was my favorite. I rode the train so many times that the conductor knew my name and let me stay on the ride over and over! Here I am in the engine, the best car!
Watch out, Ben-Hur! I'm a fly-boy!

And of course, I got ice cream!
We rode a lot of rides, including the chariots (two times), the cars (about six times), the train (more than ten times); Mommy rode with me on the carousel (four times) and this balloon ride that went round and round and up and down and we could spin our own cart (four times). We ate pizza and french fries and sweet potato fries and lemonade and ice cream and lots of water. Before we went, Mommy put lots of sunscreen on me, so I didn't get a burn, either. I want to go again soon!

I love puzzles!.Here's one for a 4-year-old!
This was Daddy's sweater.More portraits of Casey
The Ball men and their thinking chair

Pizza! Veggies!

We went to see cousin Hannah!
They have a comfy chair.
Hiding boy! More Pizza!

Watchin' a little TV (It was a slow month)
Casey loves the camera!


Who needs floss?
I like bathtime!! Cute (and clean!)
Today we went to the park! Stuart liked the slides 
and we both liked the swings... Whoa! Wheee!
Tennis anyone?break time... Stuart busy at work
A quiet moment. Crashed.

We're hanging out, having fun. Wasssup???
Casey's First Birthday!!!
We're having a party! Stuart and I are having "happycakes"


Casey has been working on a big new skill.
He's doing pretty well for himself. What a handsome little boy!

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