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Santa came to visit us early this year!
Playing in the snow!

Mommy and I went to visit Uncle Rob and his family. I imagined that the dog cage was a fire engine.

Uncle Rob and I played the mandolin,

 and Uncle Rob's chinny-chin-chin!
Cousin Hannah had a slumber party. She let me hang out with them.

Christmas Eve.

We took a nap while we waited for Santa to come.

Stuart got a Thomas the Tank Engine movie!

Casey plays with Stuart's new umbrella.
Cleveland has a White Christmas... 
We went to Houston for Christmas.

Casey with his cousin Kelly. 



Grammy, Grandpa,

and the grandkids! 

Stuart with Cousins Kelly & Abby 


The Artists' Studio Casey in his "Red Period."

Fun in the park

Bathtime is fun!
Chef Stuart bakes bread.


October know where I'm going! What a great pile of leaves!
I'll give Mommy and Daddy a hand.

Road trip with Daddy!
...up to my chin!
Welcome to Stuart's Pizzaria.
Why won't the oven get hot?

Here's your pizza with extra cheeeeeeze!

Stuart was a fireman!

and Casey was a firehouse puppy!


More Stu-art...
Who needs water to enjoy the pool?
Posture is so important when drawing.

Mam-ma and Pap-pa came to visit!

Giddyup, Pap-pa!

Two against one!
A "very useful" pinata...
This is a picture of Miffy, one of her friends, and a "queen hat" her.

It's Stuart's Birthday!!!

We had a party at Miss Donna's.
We broke the pinata, had treats and balloons!
Stuart's balloons!
Then, Stuart had a party at home with family!

Hey, I hear that in France, four-year-olds can have wine with happycakes!
Hiya, Happycake... Me tongue, you happycake...
Pot a' Steaux (redux)
(the inspiration)

Stuart and Casey spend the evening out on the deck.

drawing is best done in natural light
Pizza al fresco!
Pancakes for breakfast. Someone's on the wrong side of the gate... Casey got a boo-boo

(that's gonna leave a mark...)

Mugging for the camera...
Cooling off in the pool! 
A long day...
We went to the Zoo!

Casey does a belly-flop!

Casey is the multi-colored Conductor of the Chair-Rail


Gaspodin Casimir Diaperov gets clean.
Stuart and Mommy go to the Kiddie Park! 
The Merry-Go-Round,

                         spinning cars,
driving car,

              and Ferris Wheel were fun!
I rode the rocket...

                  ...and the train!
Dude! the G-forces are killer on the shuttle!
I picked this balloon out myself, it's my favorite color (really).

But of all the rides, my favorite was....THE ROLLER COASTER!!!!

All systems go!


...end of the ride
Can I go again?

Just making the morning more bear-able...


Ready for my close-up...


Casey came to visit in Stuart's bath

We went to Denver to visit family and to have a party for Mam-ma and Pap-pa's 50th Wedding Anniversary.
We got to see our cousins!Hannah and Atty

Stuart takes the pose of the Greek god, Frisbee
and plays with Pap-pa! Sir Stu-a-lot!
Casey in a (rare) quiet moment.
Anyone recognize this pretty boy?
Mommy and Daddy are packing boxes--I don't want to be left behind!
(or go hungry...)
Junior Home Inspector, Casey Ball
Mommy and Stuart went on a special trip to visit Thomas the Tank Engine!
Here I am on the train!

I got to play with Thomas and his friends, too!
Sir Topham Hatt and I are buddies.

Sitting pretty! 
What about this crazy hat? 
My beauty secret:
tomato sauce! 

Would somebody please tell Mommy
to get me a bigger tub?
Casey is a cutie-pie!
First Picnic of the year!
A tisket, a tasket, Stuart in a basket!

Fresh air!
Stuart decides we need to be more civilized
Off to the park!
First the trains...
then off to the slides!

Down the little slide
and up the teeter-totter!
One can go down the slide Stuart's way, 
...or Casey's way...


In my toy box.
Stuart, a self-portrait

Building a snowman with Daddy

Gonna get 'cha!
When I grow up, I'm 
gonna stock groceries!
Got a haircut!
Happy Birthday to Casey, Happy Birthday to Casey...

Happy Birthday, Dear Casey....Happy Birthday to you!

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