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Gallery of recent photos!

Stuart has perfected the "cheezy grin"...

Casey knows right where to put that ornament on the tree



Santa came early to check on us...We were so lucky that Mommy had her camera ready!

..perhaps too much excitement for Stuart...



Mommy and the kids make cookies:


Roll the dough....

Cut the shapes...

Casey chills out with friends

Daddy got Chicken Pox! Stuart played dot-to-dot on Daddy's head.


Christmas Day!

Casey gets his Spiderman blanket from Grammy and Grandpa. He loves it!

and a Thomas the Tank Engine toy (one of many).


and a cool truck!



Stuart and Casey watch a movie.

Stuart helps clean house!

  Casey has fun on Laundry Day!    
  School Pictures!      

Stuart sports his Thanksgiving gear:


  Stuart and Casey went with Mommy to Denver. We visited with Mam-ma and Pap-pa and our cousin, Atty.
  and here's Atty with Uncle Steve.  

Halloween is here!

Stuart was Thomas the Tank Engine



  Casey is a two-fisted sippy cupper!

It's a bird, it's a plane...
it's on a bike!
Waitin on the bus...
  Mommy traces Casey.
Casey traces Daddy,
and adds the finishing touches.
Happy Birthday Stuart!
It's the big 0-5!

Nothing says summer like
a swimming pool & watermelon!
Daddy had to go to Philadelphia for a big meeting, so we went along and visited Uncle Rob, Aunt Suzanne, and Cousin Hannah. We went to Giggleberry Fair,
and rode on the Carousel!

Now, if he's only this eager in 10 years...
Pictures of a mellow Casey
Stuart's first day of school

  We went to visit Uncle Rob, Aunt Suzanne, and Cousin Hannah for the 4th of July weekend!     We went to the Crayola Factory!
  Here we are with Cousin Hannah.    We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and had a dinner picnic! 
Summertime means pooltime!
Casey's art
Casey six-eyes!
    A pleasant little boy.

  Return of the babycooker!
Time to read Daddy a story...
it always puts him to sleep.
Drawing time!
  Love the Sit'n'Spin!

Do you like Mommy's hat?
Stuart helps Daddy water the new grass. Bedtime or funtime???

A spring rain.
    Romping in the house.
Casey's school had a parade!
and the boys enjoyed popsicles!
Stuart visits Thomas the Tank Engine!

First was toy Thomas, then the real thing!
I even sang a song!

We like playing computer 
games together!
Casey chats with Grammy!
Somebody is hiding in the box!
It's Stuart! 
  Springtime means bikes!
  Stuart rides his new bike.

Stuart Shares his Easter egg with Thomas the Tank Engine

Stuart and Pap-pa planted daffodils last summer.

Stuart plays golf in the backyard among
the daffodils
Backyard trees in bloom.

Weeping cherry & a pie cherry tree.

Casey loves to color 
Chef Stuart

Casey goes for the "Morticia Addams look"
We like playing on the Macintosh!

Happy brothers!
Casey Cool?
Fun with Play-Doh!
Casey turns three! 
Mamm-ma says "Happy Birthday!"
then we had cake,
and cards,
and presents!

Stuart writes his own name!
A slippery morning Stuart works on a puzzle

Casey in front of the piano.
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