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The Christmas Tree is up!

a nice evening cuddle



and we're opening presents!

I'm helping out my Pap-pa!

This little shovel
works better!


Stuart's First Grade School Picture
Casey's PreSchool
Casey rides the bus to school!
Daddy & Casey
wait for the bus.
Stuart's Pizzaria is back in business! and it looks like competition! (Guess what Casey's getting for Christmas?) Mommy's shoes are fun!


More Soccer!

Stuart as goalie

"Good Game!"


Holy Codpiece, Batman!

I'm Batman...

Casey's class had a Halloween party!

and a parade!
Batman on Parade
I have no idea of who "Darth Kinder" really is, but I giggle everytime I see this picture. He's just a little evil...

Stuart's playing soccer! when he's not yakking with his buddies...  
  Happy Birthday, Stuart!  

Daddy got a new tool--a pressure washer.
Stuart & Daddy try it out.
Stuart washes the car.
Back to the Kiddie Park!
Casey builds with blocks

French Toast with a fork is delicious!

Mommy sets up her new tent, only to see it become an "instant playhouse"... You know, glasses don't make everyone look smarter.


It's "Alphabet People" Day

So, Stuart R. Ball is dressed as Mister R with his Rainbow Ribbons





Stuart with friends on his last day of Kindergarten.


Sometimes, you just can't explain it. This all started out as the box in which one of my birthday gifts was packaged. Before I knew it, the boys were getting into the box and sliding each other around in it. Then Daddy got in the box... The Ball PottyPlex is currently showing "Chicken Run," Seating is limited. Food and drink are discouraged...
Casey and Daddy take a nap in the basement.
Here's one of our neighborhood hawks. Mama Hawk raises two per year. They eat lots of cute little bunnies and tree rats and robins. We like them!

It's Mothers' Day, and Mom and I are going to the Zoo! What a treat for her! Of course, she will have to drive, pay for the tickets, buy lunch, drinks, snacks and a souvenir, and probably carry me part of the way. I picked her this great flower, then asked her to put it in my hair. I think of everything for her!
I'm showing her the flamingos. A rare picture with Mommy!

We had a robin's nest on the back deck.
Of course, something got to it the next day...


Casey was in a Memorial Day Parade


An ode to The Shining... "Casey's back!"


Casey's spring school picture.



Zeus the Moose visited from school. Casey brings bear along to make it foursome...

Watching a movie..what a strange theater.

Practicing letters

Happy Birthday Casey!
...opening presents...


(Stuart got one too!)
Bah humbug!


Hmmm, if Mommy and Daddy really loved me,
this would be put together already...


Mr. Turtle is snowed in (so are we!)
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