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 Most recent version of my skepticism seminar (given in five states to date!)

 If you want to see my complete CV as a web page, click here . If you want to see my complete CV as a Word file, click here .

2002 Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award - click on image for larger version.     Sorry the contrast isn't better...

To view the pages of the Chemical & Engineering News (the weekly rag of the American Chemical Society) containing the story on writing textbooks for which I was interviewed and in which I am quoted (and includes a badly-lit photo), click on the following pages for .jpg files, about 300 K each:  page 1   2   3   4   Or, if you want .pdf's of the pages, which are (warning!) about 5 MEG each:  page 1   2   3   4

Click here for a link to the ACS web site that has the article online.  I have no idea how long this online article will be available; I'll remove this link if someone reports that it doesn't work.

Click here to see the announcement of my Physical Chemistry text, published in August 2002!  (I'll try to put up an ego page about it soon.) cover image
Look - the Spanish translation is out!  Here is what the cover looks like.  spanish cover   And the Japanese translation is now out - here's what it looks like.  japanese cover

Errata for Physical Chemistry and the solutions manuals.

Information about the CTSC/Jennings Fndn-sponsored Science Fair list server ("listserv") can be found here (Word document) or here (pdf file).

Links to Stuart and Casey's webpages:
In 2001, Stuart   and Casey    each had their own pages.
Here are pages for Stuart in 2000   and 1999.

 I'll put other stuff on here when my copious free time permits!

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