Crooked River: A Journal of Social and Urban History is a publication of the Social History and the City Program of the Department of History at Cleveland State University. We intend this journal to be acessible to all those interested in the social history of Cleveland and its environs. On infrequent occasions we will also publish material of general interest focusing on areas beyond the Cleveland area.

We plan on this being an unusual journal in that we wish to encourage the partipation of all who share our passion for the history of this region - its people, its institutions, its values and its past. We do not intend to be a traditional scholarly journal. We will publish material which has broad appeal. Issues will be published as material is ready and each issue remains a work in progress with new material being added as appropriate. We encourage our readers to submit contributions and comments on the work published.

This journal is part of a much larger process. It is linked to an achive, the Ohio Local History Archive (OLHA), which is under construction -- a process which we see as neverending and to a Educator's Resource Library (ERL) which will contain material useful in the classroom. The three interconnected parts of this project include: