Report of the Coroner 

        L.S. to me, CHARLES A. HARTMANN, Coroner of said County, that the dead body of a woman supposed to have come to her death by violence, had been found at died at the shanty occupied by Frank O'Malia, on Riverstreet, in that part of the City of Cleveland, Westside, commonly called Irishtown, in said County_______ on the said 21 day of December A.D. 1859, I issued a Warrant or Venire to L.N. Eastman, a Constable in the City of Cleveland, in said County, whom I appointed and swore in as Constable for this special case, as directed by law, requiring him to summon a Jury, according to Law, to appear forthwith at the above mentioned place, to inquire in what manner and by whom the deceased came to her death; and at the same time issued Subpoenas for Mrs Isabelle Dyle, Francis O'Malia, Margaret Kelley, Michael Hogan, A. E. Burlison, Dr. Asa C. Messenger, Dr. Robt S. Strong, Mrs Bridget McGuire, Thomas Welsh, Mrs Margaret Connor, Mary Brogan, Bridget Murphy, Mrs N. N. Mack, James Smith, Charles Norton, James Rogers, Catherine Baker, Elizabeth Williams, to appear at the office of Dr. Messenger, near the place and to appear at the time and place aforesaid. And the said L. N. Eastman, Constable, as aforesaid, at the time and place mentioned in said Warrant or Venire, returned the same that he had summoned George Osmun, Erastus Briggs, G. B. Folsom, I. K. Bishop, W. Y. Swayer and George Bills to appear as therein required; and also, that he had summoned said witnesses to appear as required by said subpoenas with the exception of Mrs. Mack, Catherine Baker and Elizabeth Williams, not found. Thereupon the said Jury appeared at the time and place mentioned, and being duly empannelled & sworn and affirmed, proceeded to inquire into the manner and by whom the said person came to her death, and the witnesses being sworn and their testimony being by me reduced to writing, and the Jury having heard the same, and having also carefully examined the said body, on the said 21 & 22 day of December 1859, said Jury returned their Verdict in writing to me as follows:

          Upon receiving this verdict, I dismissed the jury. The prisoners having been already arrested and being taken before the Police Court in the City of Cleveland, I made, on the twenty-third day of Decbr 1859 (for it was too late on the 22d, at the time I received the verdict before given), an affidavit before the Clerk of the said Police Court of the City of Cleveland, charging William Kelley and Margaret Kelley with the murder of Rosa O'Malia, in accordance with the above verdict. I also notified, on the same twenty-third day of Decbr. 1859, Loren Prentiss, Prosecuting Attorney of Cuyahoga County, of the verdict and the steps taken by me in consequence thereof, as directed by Law.

                                            Cleveland, Decbr. 23, 1859.

                                                                                                        Charles A Hartmann