Jury Verdict

        We,, the Jury, having been duly sworn and affirmed by Charles A. Hartmann, Coroner of Cuyahoga County, diligently to inquire, and true presentment to make, in what manner, and by whom, the woman whose dead body was found died at the shanty occupied by Frank O'Malia, on Riverstreet, in the part of the City of Cleveland, on Westside, commonly called Irish-town, on the twenty-first day of December 1859, came to her death, after having heard the evidence, and upon full enquiry concerning the facts, and a careful examination of the said body, do find, that the deceased came to her death from wounds inflicted by different weapons in the hands of William Kelley and Margaret Kelley, his wife, on or about the fifteenth day of December eighteen hundred and fifty nine, in said City of Cleveland, and we further find that this murder was committed purposely and with deliberate and premeditated malice. The deceased was Rosa O'Malia, a native of Ireland, about twenty-six years old and for nine years the wife of Frank O'Malia. We found the body on a bed in the shanty in Irishtown, on Westside afore mentioned. The body was extensively bruised and cut almost everywhere; the principal injuries appeared to be two wounds of the head, one over the left eye and the other right behind the left ear, which ear itself was cut considerably and almost severed from the head.

                        Cleveland, Decbr.22d, 1859

                                                    G Osmun
                                                    G. W. Bills

                                                    I K Bishop

                                                    G B Folsom

                                                    E. Briggs

                                                    W. Y. Swayer