Key Points
Cleveland State University Regional Humanities Center

This Center would have a substantial impact on the life of the citizens of Ohio.

In terms of quality of life, it would:

Identify, disseminate and celebrate the culture and history of the Midwest

Build a partnership with the community, providing residents with the opportunity to share their experiences and cultures and thereby together construct a vision of a rich past, present and future

Provide members of the community with the skills and support for finding themselves, their families and their communities in the larger historical processes which have shaped our community

Build a model of university-community (local, regional and national) partnership and cooperation within the context of mutual respect

In terms of economic development, it would:

Foster economic development by participating directly and indirectly in cultural tourism

Provide employment for technical and support staff and business for those companies involved in travel, lodging, etc.

In educational terms, it would:

Integrate K-12 directly by providing teaching materials relevant to the lives of the students in ways appropriate to their skills and interests

Encourage active learning by training teachers to use their students to study their own histories and those of their communities

Foster collaborative agreements with K-12 school districts, community colleges and other universities for curriculum development and partnerships
Encourage academic/scholarly collaborations and exchanges, meetings, conferences and publications

These same activities and results would be felt throughout the Central Region as cultural partnerships emerged with the support and involvement of the State Humanities Councils.