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Jane Edna (Harris) Hunter:(1882-1971) Social Worker and founder of Wheatley Association.

Jane Edna (Harris) Hunter was born on December 13, 1882 at Woodburn Farm in Pendleton South Carolina.  Hunter graduated from Hampton Institute in Virginia in 1905, and came to Cleveland to serve in various nursing positions.

Jane Hunter attended Marshall Law School and passed the Ohio bar examination. Hunter organized the Working Girls Association in 1911 to provide safe living quarters for unmarried African American women and girls.  Later that year the organization was re-named Phillis Wheatley Association, where Hunter served as the executive secretary until 1948.

In 1943 Hunter founded the Women's Civic League of Cleveland and served as vice-president and executive committee member of the National Association of Colored Women. Jane Edna (Harris) Hunter died on January 17, 1971.

Text taken from The Cleveland Encyclopedia of History


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