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"What is done here is an example of what must be done the world over. If we believed those things we profess, we would practice something of the brotherhood of man."

- Paul V. McNutt, chief of the Federal Security Administration, at the Garden's dedication

During the dedication ceremony of the American Legion Peace Garden the soils from shrines in twenty-eight countries were combined. These soils were carried by a representative of the country that they came from, and dropped into the floor of the peace monument through a metal funnel.

Excerpt from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, 31 July 1939:

"Calls Roll of Nations"

Karl K. Kitchens, president of the American Legion Peace Garden, called the roll of nations, and as he called the nations responded. The representative of each nation marched up to the platform and poured the earth into the funnel-shaped container. It fell down into the vault below the monument.
There came, as Kitchen called:
A Legionnaire with soil taken from the terrace of the Palais Federal in Berne, Switzerland; Albert Y. Meriam, French consul, with soil taken from five battlefields in American sectors in France; Peter V. Chestnul, president of the Lithuanian Cultural Garden with soil taken from the Mound of Biruta, Lithuania.

Karl Kapp, consul general of Germany, with soil from the battlefield of Tannenberg, and a Nazi salute; James G. Gardiner, dominion minister of agriculture, with soil from the grounds of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Canada; Malvern Schultz, Latvian consul, with soil from the banks of the River Daugava.

Soil From Italy

Dr. Romeo Montecchi, Italian consul, with soil from Mount Pasubio and Mount Grappa, Italy, together with a fascist salute; a Legionnaire with soil from Mount St. Nicholas at Shipka Pass, Bulgaria; Dr. Eli George, president of the Grecian Cultural Garden, with soil from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece; a Legionnaire with soil from the grave of Louis Kossuth, Hungary; Frank C. Manak and Peter P. Mokris with soil from the Zizokov Mountain, Czecho-Slovakia.
L. A. H. Peters, with soil from the site of the re-established Evangelical Lutheran Church in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Vladislav Drezun, with soil from the battlefield of Kajmakcalan, Yugoslavia; a Legionnaire with soil from Schoenbrunn, Austria; Niels A. Christensen, Danish vice consul, with soil from the bastions of Kronborg Castle, Denmark.
Charles DeRycke with soil from the Boyau de la Morte near Dixmude, Belgium; Rev. John Trutza, president of the Rumanian Cultural Garden, with soil from Rumania; J. C. Calhoun, jr., Norwegian vice consul, with soil from the battlefield of Stikestad, Norway; a Legionnaire with soil from Venezuela; Denis Philpott of the Department of Agriculture of Eire, with soil from Phoenix Park, Dublin, Eire; a Legionnaire with soil from the estate of Kotkaniemi, Finland.
Dr. Rodriques Caseres, chief of the bureau of animal husbandry, with soil from Cuba; a Legionnaire with soil from the bank of Ypiranga Creek, where Pedro I proclaimed independence, Brazil; a Legionnaire with soil from Turkey; a Legionnaire with soil from Portugal; Capt. S. W. Clift, chairman of the British National Committee, with soil from Westminster Abbey, London, England; Maj. Ian Macdougall O. B. E., secretary of the National Poultry Council, with soil from Iona Cathedral, Scotland; Paul V. McNutt, with soil from the home of George Washington, Mount Vernon, and the tomb of Abraham Lincoln.
After prayer by Rev. Lewis D. Williams, chaplain of the Department of Ohio, American Legion, a band struck up the national anthem.
When the parade was forming a workman screwed a brass cap over the hole through which the soil had fallen. Those who looked at the base of the monument read the following inscription:
The Cultural Gardens of Cleveland Dedicated to the cause of brotherhood and peace.On the occasion of International Peace Day of the Seventh World's Poultry Congressand Exposition. July 30, 1939


"Just Plain Soil Welds People of 28 Nations", by Roelif Loveland, July 31, 1939 (Plain Dealer Morgue)