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Photograph of the Dvorak bust in the Czech Garden.Anton Dvorak: (18 41-1904) Bohemian Musical Composer

Anton Dvorak was born at Nelahozeves (Milhlhausen), Bohemia on September 8, 1841.

In 1857 Dvofk entered the organ-school of the Gesellschaft der Kirchenmusik, where he worked for three years under the tutelige of Antonin Liehmann. Throughout the 1860's Dvorak played viola in the Bohemian Provisional Theater Orchestra conducted by Bedrich Smetana.

“In 1875 he obtained a stipend from the Kultus-Ministerium at Vienna, which freed him to indulge in composition to his hearts content.  In 1877 he was commissioned for a series of Slavic dances, which took the public by storm.”

In 1892, Dvorak became head of the National Conservatory of Music of America in New York. In 1895, he returned to Prague, where he died in 1904.


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