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Photograph of the Komensky statue with a rollover image to a photograph of its inscription.Jan Amos Komensky: (1592-1670) Teacher and Educator

Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius in Latin) was born on March 28, 1592, in Nivnice, Moravia, (now the Czech Republic). Komensky was a devout Christian and member of the Unity of Czech Brethren.  In 1620, he was forced out of Czech lands due to his non-Catholic beliefs, never to return again.

He developed a philosophy know as pansophism, which emphasized political stability, religious reconciliation, and strength through education. He contributed much to the Enlightenment and his holistic approach to education had a profound impact. His book Orbis Pictus was the first to use picture in children's education, which he argues began in the earliest days of childhood.

Komensky's greatest contribution to the humanities was his conception of education and he strongly believed that the basis of society should be an educated citizenry.  He died on November 15, 1670.


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