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Historical photograph of the Tyrs bust as it sat above the frieze in the Czech Cultural Garden.Miroslav Tyrs: (1832-1884) Founder of Sokol

Miroslav Tyrs was born on September 17, 1832 in Decin where he studied philosophy and concentrated especially on esthetics. He was a great admirer of the ancient Greek "kalokagathia" and he applied its principles of harmony of body and mind in Sokol, the lands which later became Czechoslovakia.

While teaching in Novy Jachymov, Tyrs met Jindrich Fugner who helped him found the Czech Physical Education Association on February 16, 1862, later to be known as the Sokol organization.

“In the Sokol of Prague Tyrs was the vice-chairman and later he became the leader.  In 1871 he was a director of the magazine Sokol with the famous motto "Our mission, strategy and goal."  His book, The Basis Of Gymnastics, was published two years later, which included the system of gymnastic exercises Tyrs invented.”

He wrote Olympic Homage, which celebrated the Olympic idea before the Olympic games were renewed. In 1883, Tyrs received an honorary degree from Prague University.  Miroslav Tyrs died on August 8, 1884 at the mountain river Aach.


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