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Photograph of the pillar on which the now missing bust of Lonnrot once sat.

Elias Lonnrot: (1802-1884) Finnish Philologist

Elias Lonnrot was born on April 9, 1802 in Nyland, Finland.  In 1822, he entered the University of Abo where he eventually became a physician.  In 1827, he began to publish contributions to the study of the ancient Finnish language through collections of national ballads and folklore.

In 1831, the Finnish Literature Society was founded and Lonnrot became the Society's first secretary.  Just four years later, he was able to put together the great epic of Finland, the Kalevala, the first edition of which he published.”

“In 1840, Elias Lonnrot issued the Kanteletar, or folk-songs of ancient Finland, which he had collected from the nation's oral tradition during his many tours of Finland. The Proverbs of Finland followed in 1842. Elias died on in March 1884.”


Photographs of the Garden

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