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Photograph of the pillar on which the Sibelius bust had been placed and a rollover image to a historical photograph of the bust.

Jean Sibelius: 1865-1957 Finnish Composer

Jean Sibelius was born at at Hämeenlinna (Tavastehus) on December 8, 1865.  He made his mark in music in 1891, in Helsinki with his choral symphony Kullervo.

His work was influenced by Finnish nationalism, which rose as a result of Russia's tightening grip on Finland.

As early as 1893, The Karelia Suite evinced the patriotic overtones so common in Sibelius's work. Six years later in a musical piece celebrating the history of Finland, Sibelius penned Finlandia, which not only made him the best-known Finn but embodied Finnish national aspirations.

Sibelius maintained a relatively simple and isolated life, despite worldwide invitations to travel.

In the 1930's Sibelius retired to Jarvenpaa until his death in 1957.


Sibelius bust

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