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Photograph of the wall in the Grecian Garden .

The photograph above shows the space where the 15 foot wide and 6 foot tall marble frieze would have been installed.

Gifts of Sculpture Arrive in U.S. for Greek Garden

Send Sketch of Frieze

Arriving with the sculpture was a sketch for the main attraction in the Grecian Garden, that of a frieze showing in low relief men famous in Hellenic hisory. The sketch, to be approved by the city park authorities, is the work of George Dimitriadis, famous Athenian sculptor. The frieze, when approved by the garden commission, will be made in Athens, also a gift of the Greek government.

An elaborate program will mark the dedication of the sculpture in the garden sometime in the spring. The frieze also is expected in Cleveland before the summer according to Dr. George (president of the Grecian Culture Garden Association).

From Jan 4, 1940 Article


Sues Over Frieze for Greek Garden

Andrew A. Tagaris,1957 E. 90th Street, a sculptor and painter, yesterday filed suit in Common Pleas Court asking $2,000 from members of the Grecian Cultural Garden Committee for services in the form of plans for the garden and a model of a large frieze with 37 portraits of Hellenic heros which was to be the central element of the garden.


Tagaris said he had no written contract with the members of the committee, but that they had entered into a verbal agreement with him that he would be paid $4,500 for his designs and work on a scale model of the frieze. He maintained that it was on the basis of his designs that the federal government was induced to contribute $50,000 as a WPA appropiation for work in the cultural garden. However, Tagaris asserted, he was recently informed by the comittee members that they were about to procure another frieze which they expected to have installed.

From February 9, 1940 Plain Dealer Article