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Achad Ha’am: (1856-1927) Hebrew Philosopher/Writer

Achad Haam (which means “one of the people”), was born August 5, 1856 in Kiev a province of Ukraine-Russia to Hasidic parents. 

Achad Haam was the founder of the Bnei Moshe movement advocating cultural educational renaissance.  He worked as a publicist, author and editor in Zionist newspapers where he used the pseudonym of Asher Ginsburg.  In 1922 he moved to Tel Aviv to write and teach.  He died in 1927 in Tel Aviv.

Ahad Ha’am is remembered as the founder of what is known as Cultural Zionism, which is the concept that Jews should come together in Israel so that they can cooperatively build what will become the common cultural center of the Jewish people throughout the world.

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