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Historical photograph of the Szold plaque with a rollover image of the boulder which is now missing its plaque.Henrietta Szold: (1860-1945) Educator and Social Worker

Henrietta Szold was born in Baltimore, Maryland.    In 1888 she opened a night school for Russian-Jewish immigrants to help them adjust to their new country.

In 1893 Henrietta became the literary secretary of the Jewish Publication Society of America, a position she held until 1916.  In 1903 she enrolled in the all male Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.

Henrietta Szold’s outstanding contribution to Jewish life was the creation of the largest Jewish organization in American history, Hadassah Women. Although Zionist, Hadassah particularly involved itself in meeting the health needs of both Jews and Arabs in Palestine. Today, the foremost hospital in Israel and the entire Middle East is the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.


Henrietta Szold plaque

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