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A close up of the Marconi relief.Guglielmo Marconi: (1874-1937) Inventor, “The Father of Radio.”

Guglielmo Marconi was born 1897 in Italy. He studied at the Livorno Technical Institute and in 1896 applied for a patent for radio transmissions. When the Italian Government turned him down he was accepted by the British Admiralty, who installed some of Marconi’s radio equipment on some of its ships. (

He established the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company Limited, which opened the world's first radio factory at Chelmsford, England in 1898. (Guglielmo Marconi Museum)

In 1899 Marconi sent a signal 9 miles across the Bristol Channel, and 31 miles across the English Channel to France, the farthest transmission achieved or ever expected capable. In 1901 Marconi transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean. (

In 1909 Guglielmo Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, which he shared with his associate Karl Ferdinand Brown who helped to make modifications to increase the range and usefulness of the radio. (


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