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The Italian Garden was formally opened on October 12, 1930, with the joint celebration of Columbus Day and the 2000th anniversary of the birth of the poet, Virgil, when the bust of the great poet was unveiled. ... A letter ... from Senatore Nobile Giacomo de Martino, royal Italian ambassador in Washington, read in part:
"By honoring Virgil, Cleveland honors herself. Rome, capital of Latinity and jealous custodian of Latin culture, has appreciated the noble gift of this city. In response to the generous act with which the citizens of Cleveland have offered to the Italian community as a symbol of friendship and in memory of the Latin poet, a part of her public park to be dedicated to Virgil, Rome has sent a pedestal. This column has been handed down to us through the centuries, and perhaps has been witness to the triumph of the poet."
The Paths are Peace

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