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Photograph of the Maironis bust in the Lithuanian Cultural Garden.Maciulis Maironis: (1862-1932) Lithuanian Poet

Maciulis Maironis was born on November 2, 1862 in Pasandravys.  He was the first Lithuanian poet to embody human expression and emotional attitude in his lyrical poetry. His poems cherish Lithuanian national values by: celebrating the history of Lithuania, condemning the denationalization of Lithuanian gentry, and encourage Lithuanian language. “Maironis was Professor at St. Petersburg Clerical Academy in 1894-1909, Rector of Kaunas Seminary in 1909-1932, and Head of the Department of Moral Theology at Lithuanian University in 1922-1932. ne of the authors of the 1905 Programme of the Lithuanian Christian Democratic Union.” (Lithuanian Central Internet Gates)

“His major books of poetry, Pavasario balsai (The Voices of Spring) and Jaunoji Lietuva (Young Lithuania), fostered Lithuanian national revival. Referring to the works by Simonas Daukantas, he wrote a popular historical work Apsakymai apie Lietuvos praeigŕ (The Stories About the Lithuanian Past).” (Lithuanian Central Internet Gates)

Maciulis Maironis’ pseudonym was Jonas Maciulis.  He died on June 28, 1932 in Kaunas.” (Encyclopedia Britannica )


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