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A recent photograph of the Kollar bust.

Rev. Jan Kollar: (1863-1923) Cleveland Physician/Surgeon

John Joseph Koller was born July 2, 1863 in Funfkirchen (Pecs) Hungary.  He attended High School and University in Budapest and in 1887 was granted a degree of medicine from the University of Vienna. (The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History) 

Doctor Koller came to Baltimore Maryland in 1890 before moving his practice to Cleveland where he worked for thirty years in the Broadway neighborhood. (The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History)

Dr. Koller was a specialist of eye, ear, nose and throat; rheumatism; and cataract surgery.  He also invented and patented several surgical devices. John Joseph Koller died in Cleveland on October 6, 1923. (The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History)


Bust of Rev. Kollar The Cleveland Memory Project

Photographs of the Garden

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