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General Rudolf Meister (Maister): Slovenian Military Figure

General Meister is by far the first historical military figure to be recognized by the country of Slovenia.  Prior and during World War I, much of Slovenia was striving for independence from the Austrio-Hungarian empire. One of the most powerful industrial cities named Maribor, located in the northeastern section of Slovenia, led a crucial battle for independence from Austria. State-building began in Maribor in the mid-1700s and continued on into the nineteenth century.  Much of its urban development was financed largely by German capital. “Slovene cultural and political life developed after the mid-nineteenth century, in the face of formidable German liberal assimilation pressures.” (Plut-Pregelj, Leopoldina, and Carole Rogel. Historical Dictionary of Slovenia. pg. 171, 1996)

General Meister is best known for his strength in the battle for Slovenian autonomy and the battle to keep Maribor within its boundaries.  On November 1, 1918, General Rudolf Meister took full control of the Maribor garrison.  Two days later, Austrio-Hungarian forces surrendered.  By November 23, 1918, General Meister disarmed the German militia and secured the territory of Maribor for Slovenia.  This marked the end of World War I and a new beginning for Slovenia and its territories. (Slovenian History Timeline)


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