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Bishop Petar Petrovich-Njegos II - Bishop and Statesman, 1813-1851

Bishop Njegos was the first bishop to rule Montenegro.  During a time when Montenegro was fighting for autonomy from Turkish forces, he was named bishop of the Russian Church.  At the age of 22, he was not only bishop, but also served as the chief secular authority in the country.

At a time when most priests were illiterate and uneducated, Njegos could have well been the most educated man in his country.  He was fluent in several languages, including French, German, Italian, and Russian.  He also founded the first elementary school and the first printing press in the country and went on to publish two of his best known epic poems, “The Mountain Wreath” and “Light of the Microcosm”.

“The bust of their great poet, Petar Njegosh was placed here by the Serbs of Cleveland.  A distinguished statesman and philosopher, Njegosh was Prince-Bishop of Montenegro, and the first Montenegrin ruler who obtained recognition for Montenegro as an independent state.” (Lederer, Carla. Their Paths Are Peace, p. 76)


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