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Photograph of the Franko statue taken in the spring of 2005.Ivan Franko: (1856-1916) Ukrainian Writer, Poet, and Nationalist

Born on August 27, 1856 in Nahuievychi, Ivan Franko was a writer, scholar, political activist, and publicist. “The son of a village blacksmith, Franko graduated from the Drohobych in 1875 and began to study classical philology and Ukrainian language and literature at Lviv University.” (Encyclopedia of the Ukraine)

Franko’s historical writings were influential in shaping Ukrainian nationalism. “His realistic novels Boryslav Laughs (1881-82) and Boa Constrictor (1878, tr. 1961) portray the harsh existence of Ukrainian workers and peasants.”  (Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition)

In 1908 Franko's health was deteriorating, but he did not let that interfere with his passion for writing.  It was during this period when he wrote Narys istoriï ukraïns’ko-rus’koï literatury do 1890 r. (Outline of the History of Ukrainian-Ruthenian Literature to 1890, 1910) and Studiï nad ukraïns’kymy narodnymy pisniamy (Studies of Ukrainian Folk Songs, 1913). “In 1913 all Ukraine celebrated the 40th anniversary of his literary work.” (Encyclopedia of the Ukraine)

Ivan Franko made amazing contributions to Ukrainian culture, bridging the Ukraine with the world. “Franko's works, numbering more than one thousand, include volumes of history, criticism, ethnography, politics, and translation.” (Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition)


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