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Mikhail Hruskhevsky: (1866-1934) First President of the Ukraine and Historian

Mikhail or Mykhaylo Hrushkhevsky is best known for his literary works, more specifically, The History of Ukraine-Rus in ten volumes.  (Gryshchenko, Dmytro)

Mykhaylo was born on September 17, 1866 in Holm (now Helm, Poland).  He was born into a family of teachers and later developed a love for history that led him to enter the Kyiv University in 1886.  Upon graduating, he moved to Lviv and became the head chair of world history at Lviv University.  (Gryshchenko, Dmytro)

After WWI and the fall of the Russian Empire, Ukrainians declared independent statehood from Russia.  In April 1918, Hruskhevsky’s political awareness and participation made him the first president of the Ukrainian Parliament.  In the 1930’s, Stalin and his regime started major repressions against those who did not agree with Communist doctrine. "In 1931 Hrushevsky was arrested but he wasn't sentenced and after some time was freed. Regardless of his age and illness Hrushevsky continued to work but on November 25, 1934 during the course of treatment he died.” (Gryshchenko, Dmytro)


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