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Two recent photographs of the Ukrainka statue.

Lesya Ukrainka: (1871-1913) Ukrainian Activist, Poet, Writer

Lesya Ukrainka, was born on February 13, 1871 and was one of the youngest influential poets of her time which has been proved through her literary works such as Na krylakh pisen (“On the Wings of Songs, 1893”) and Vidhuky (“Echoes” 1902). She was perhaps best known for her plays Boyarynya (The Boyar's Wife), which refers directly to Ukrainian history, and Lisova pisnya (Song of the Forest), whose characters include mythological beings from Ukrainian folklore. (Women's Voices in Ukrainian Literature)

Ukrainka not only wrote poems and plays, but was a leading figure in the modernist movement. “She was active in the Ukrainian struggle against tsarism and joined Ukrainian Marxist organizations, translating the Communist Manifesto into Ukrainian in 1902.” (The New Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Edition. 2002 p.112)

Ukrainka suffered an illness and died at the young age for forty-two in 1913. Her powerful literary and political influence changed the lives of the people in the Ukraine. (Women's Voices in Ukrainian Literature)


Bust of Ukrainka from Ohio Sculpture Center The Sculpture Center, Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory

Photographs of the Garden

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