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Coming to America / Coming to Ohio

Marcie Beggs/ Teacher

Roxboro Middle School, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Grade: 8

Subject: US History

Time: 2 3 days (43 minutes periods)

II.                   Standard: History:

Benchmark: Describe the interactions among civilizations during the 14th through 18th centuries.

Indicators: Describe the political, religious and economic aspects of North America including:

a. reasons for colonization, including religion, desire for land and economic opportunity.

Standard: Geography

Benchmark: Explain reasons that people, products and ideas from place to place and the effects of that movement on geographic patterns.

Indicator: Explain how colonization, immigration and advances in transportation changed geographic patterns.

Standard: Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Benchmark: Show the relationship between civic participation and attainment of civic and public goals.

Indicator: Explain how the opportunities for civic participation expanded during the 18th and 19th century.