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“Service-Learning: Doan Brook, Liberty Row, and the Cultural Gardens”

Robert M. Swaggard

Cleveland Heights High School P.R.I.D.E.

10th Grade U.S. History, 9th Grade World History



            Through this unit, students will begin to explore the importance of identity, community, legacy and participation of immigrants to Cleveland.  By studying the rich history that led to the creation of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, students will understand the importance of the area in the heyday of Cleveland’s history.  After students have been exposed to some of the history of the gardens, Doan Brook, and Liberty Row, they will then begin a service-learning project that will immerse them in the cultural gardens, Doan Brook, or Liberty Row.  This immersion will offer students the opportunity to understand the history of their community, and allow students to leave their own legacy on the Cleveland Cultural Gardens and surrounding areas.  The service-learning projects will offer students the opportunity to execute the following steps.  Preparation, Action, Reflection and Demonstration while using the cultural gardens, Doan Brook, or Liberty Row as the focal point of their project.