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Unit Plan Utilizing the Lithuanian Cultural Garden of Cleveland, Ohio

Joseph Houser & Shane Dennison


** Shaker Heights High School & Warrensville Heights High School

**Course: American History (1877-Present), Grade: 10th grade

Background Essay for Teachers:

This section of the unit will attempt to provide a list of primary sources for secondary students. In this case the sources mentioned will allow the students to take an in-depth look at immigration to Cleveland from 1880 to the present. The sample curricular items discussed will also allow the teacher to include the ethnic history of Cleveland into this practical unit. The important phase of actually showing the students how to use and get the most out of their primary resources will also be discussed. The subject this curricula will be used is in American History (1877-present). 

The following sources are only a sample of  the  background materials that could be used. It is important that student understand all the factors relating to immigration.  The story of immigration in the United States did not begin and end in the United States.  But is a continual story beginning in a foreign land. The effect of immigration has had a constant affect on the cultural, community, society of the United States.

Primary sources:

Dr. David Goldberg – “Nordics to the Front:   

 Dr. Mark Tebeau – Worker Paper – “Sculptured Places: Identity, Community, and the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Website source

Other sources

Push and Pull Factors

History of Immigration Legislation