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“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: The German Experience in America”

Marcie Beggs/ Teacher

Roxboro Middle School,  Cleveland Heights, Ohio


    Standards: History:

Benchmark: Describe the interactions among civilizations during the 14th through 18th centuries.

Indicators: Describe the political, religious and economic aspects of North America including:

a.        reasons for colonization, including religion, desire for land and economic opportunity.

d.        Indentured servitude and the introduction of institutionalization of slavery

Benchmark: Analyze the causes and consequences of the American Civil war.

                                                Indicators: Describe and analyze the territorial expansion of the United State including:

a.        The Northwest Ordinance

c.     Westward movement including Manifest Destiny

Standard: People in Societies

Benchmark: Analyze examples of interactions between cultural groups and explain the factors that contribute to cooperation and conflict.

Indicator: Describe and explain the social, economic and political effects of:

a.        stereotyping and prejudice

Benchmark: Explain how contact between different cultures impacts the diffusion of belief systems, art,

science. Technology, language and forms of government.

          Indicator: Explain how the diverse people of the United States developed a common national


                Standard: Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Benchmark:  Identify historical origins that influenced the rights United States citizens have today.

Indicator: Show connections between the rights and responsibilities of citizenship including:

b.        having rights and respecting the rights of others.