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Cleveland Cultural Gardens”

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This web site is the main page to all the gardens.  It will lead you to the history of all the gardens as well and the German garden.

Power Points:

“What’s in your Garden”  Created by Marcie Beggs, July 15th, 2005

This power point is meant to show you a visual representation of the garden statuary, garden lay out, plant foliage and gate iron work.  Within the power point in notes are histories of the statuary for you to use.  Most of the information in these notes came from the website.

“How Does Your Garden Grow” Created by Marcie Beggs, July 16th, 2005

This power point was created by going around my school and surrounding grounds to take pictures of the various gardens, memorials and plants.  This would then be the start to the idea of creating a school cultural garden.


“Offer Plan to aid in Culture”, by John Mihal, Cleveland Press: March 19, 1935

“Think up ways to Keep Busts in Cultural Gardens” Writer unknown, Cleveland Press:

Sept. 15th 1941

“Residents Act to Improve City’s Cultural Gardens”, Writer unknown, Cleveland Press: March 4, 1958

Children Inspect Cultural Gardens” Writer unknown, Plain Dealer:  June 5th, 1951

“Title unknown” by John Mihal, Cleveland Press:  Sept. 13th, 1937

The above newspaper articles were gotten from the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio.  They are under the category of the Cleveland Cultural gardens.  There are many more articles there about the other gardens and the start of the Society.