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Resources for Guatemalan Spanish
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Resources on Guatemalan Spanish provides selected resources for the linguistic and sociolinguistic investigation of Guatemalan Spanish. The contents of the site include:

On-line searchable dictionaries

  • Lisandro Sandoval's Sem­ántica guatemalense, o Diccionario de guatemaltequismos (1941-42)
  • Antonio Batres Jáuregui's Vicios del lenguaje: provincialismos de Guatemala (1892)

Linguistic studies

  • Scholarly reviews and essays on the extant dictionaries of Guatemalan Spanish
  • A series of materials related to the status of [š] in modern Guatemalan Spanish
    • Articles and essays
    • Word lists and etymologies
  • Other studies

Research and reference resources

  • Linguistic bibliography of Central American Spanish
  • Biography of Lisandro Sandoval
  • List of open research topics on Guatemalan Spanish
  • Extracts from the Sandoval dictionary
    • Personal names and nicknames
    • Traditional proverbs and sayings
  • Links to other on-line research resources

Materials are being added and updated constantly, and new postings from other investigators are welcome. Most materials are available in Spanish as well as in English. Translations and translation assistance has been provided by Laura Martin, Gladys (Toty) Martin, and César Gutiérrez.

Comments, research suggestions, or questions about the contents of the site are welcome. Contact Dr. Laura Martin at l.martin@csuohio.edu .

During January through June, 2004, Laura Martin, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Modern Languages, Cleveland State University, was a Fulbright Exchange Scholar in Linguistics at the Instituto de Lingüística y Educación, Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala City. It was during this time that this web site was originally imagined and investigated.

Grateful acknowledgement for support of this project is given to the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program; at Cleveland State University to the College of Graduate Studies, Department of Modern Languages; and to colleagues at the Instituto de Lingüística y Educación at the Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala.

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