Murad Hizlan, Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering



      Cleveland State University
      Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
      Stilwell Hall,  Room 338
      1960 East 24th Street
      Cleveland, OH  44115-2425



+1 216 687-4826
+1 216 687-5405


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Research Interests:

Communication theory, in particular, robust communications under arbitrary interference, and multiple-access communications.  Applications involving coding and spread-spectrum systems.  Communication networks and information theory.
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Frequently Taught Courses:

                Undergraduate Courses

                Graduate Courses

    • Digital Communications
    • Communication Systems Laboratory
    • Circuits
    • Electronics and Electronics Laboratories
    • E.E. Concepts & Applications
    • Digital Systems and Digital Systems Laboratory
  • Stochastic Processes & Applications
  • Communication Theory
  • Digital Communications
  • Advanced Digital Communicaitons
  • Information Theory

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