History 111 Syllabus

Cleveland State University
Department of History
Classes Meet MWF

Professor Thomas J. Humphrey
Email tom.humphrey@csuohio.edu
Phone: 216.523-7183
Office hours: MWF 11:00 to noon, and by appointment

Class Requirements:

Class will meet three times per week and will consist of some lecture and discussion during every class. Discussions on Fridays will focus on the reading material assigned for each week , and students should complete the readings by the beginning of the week. The professor will also highlight specific readings for certain classes, and discussion in those class sessions will concentrate on those readings.

Book Purchases:

The following books are available at the Cleveland State University bookstore, or at bookstores in the greater Cleveland area.


Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty! An American History, volume 1.


Brian Moore, Black Robe.
Harriet E. Wilson, Our Nig.
Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

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Course Assignments:

Weekly Course Schedule:

Daily Course Schedule:

:Posters for Democracy by Design